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Virtually every brand of Serrapeptase on the market varies slightly in terms of its packaging,from capsule size, to number of capsules per bottle, to the strength, or the activity of each individual capsule. For ease of comparison, we have divided the top tiered Serrapeptase brands into cost per 100,000 SPUs, or Serrapeptase Units. SPU is the internationally recognized activity measurement for Serrapeptase. This is a comparison of each Serrapeptase brand broken down by cost according to the actual amount of Serrapeptase in the product and its activity. Note: 3rd party testing was not performed to verify label compliance.


Cost per activity analysis (Serrapeptase) SPU's



Some brands have been omitted due to large differences in retail price


The Arthur Andrew Medical brand of Serrapeptase (Serrétia), demonstrates the highest cost per activity in comparison to all of the most popular brands. We were extremely impressed with Serrétia as it was not only the strongest Serrapeptase product, but also the cheapest in terms of MSRP or retail cost. In addition to its outstanding potency, Serrétia was the only Serrapeptase supplement that did not use HPMCP (Hypromellose Phthalate) or plastic enteric coating in the manufacturing process.


Serrétia by Arthur Andrew Medical


Of all the major brands that were compared, Serrétia is superior in activity and price and is free of plastic-based enteric coating. This product has also been verified as being non-GMO, kosher, and GMP certified. Serrétia is manufactured in Acid Armor® capsules that do not contain plastic. Acid Armor is designed to break down slowly in the body, allowing for a more controlled release of the capsule's contents. These new all natural capsules offer protection from the acidic pH of the stomach without the use of potentially harmful chemicals such as those found in enteric coatings. Because Acid Armor capsules have no added chemical components, their action is simply the result of smarter design. The capsules are made of thicker, more durable vegetable cellulose in addition to a patented locking mechanism, which prevents premature leakage of the capsule's contents. Each capsule was designed to resist stomach acid while becoming more vulnerable in a higher pH once it is circulating in the body. This allows the capsule to open more rapidly in alkaline environments after passing safely through the stomach.


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Serrapeptase Price Comparison

The graph provides the cost of Serrapeptase per 100,000 Serrapeptase Units. At retail, the least expensive brand of Serrapeptase is Serrétia, manufactured by Arthur Andrew Medical with the most expensive brand being Solaray.*


*Price comparisons do not account for fluctuations in advertised prices, sales and discounts offered by other vendors. Price Comparisons are made based upon MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).