HPMCP Enteric Coating


Phthalate, essentially plastic, is used in enteric coatings of Serrapeptase to protect it from the acid in the stomach. You may have not even heard of phthalates, pronounced (thalates), before and why would you since the vast majority of dietary supplements aren’t sensitive to stomach acid? The drug companies use plastic on virtually all coated capsules either to protect their contents from stomach acid or make them easier to swallow. Virtually every enteric coated Serrapeptase supplement on the market since 1971 is wrapped in plastic. The one exception is Serretia®, which uses Acid Armor® to protect the internal contents of the capsule.


HPMCP Enteric Coating:


Do you want to eat the container too?


HPMCP (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose Phthalate)is used to protect enzymes from acid. The European Union banned phthalates in 2003 and all phthalates in toys in 2005. China and Mexico have also prohibited the use of phthalates in toys. The U.S. has been a bit slower to join these prohibitions. (And ironically, the other countries' bans are based largely on U.S. research.) California became the first state to ban the manufacture, sale, and distribution of children's products containing phthalates in 2009. In March of the same year, the U.S. Senate passed legislation introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein for a similar ban in toys.


So, if phthalates are banned in toys, why would you be OK with consuming them in your dietary supplements? We wouldn't, and we strongly urge you to take the time to find out what products contain them. So far, the only mainstream enzyme products, including Serrapeptase, that don't contain these plastic chemicals are made by Arthur Andrew Medical®. No matter how any other products we compare, we feel that Arthur Andrew Medical's stand on not using synthetic chemicals in their products says a lot about the company..


Arthur Andrew Medical developed Serrétia™, a 250,000 SPU Serrapeptase supplement (the strongest available) that uses Acid Armor® capsules. These all-natural phthalate free, capsules break down slowly to help protect their contents from prolonged exposure to acid. Acid Armor® capsules are designed to break down as soon as they have exited the stomach, maximizing potency as well as the absorption period.


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