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There are virtually hundreds of Serrapeptase, and Serrapeptase-containing formulas. This can make finding the right Serrapeptase product a chore. Our researchers have looked at many of the top brands, comparing strength, price, and quality of ingredients, among other features. We have consolidated all of the latest brands here for you to make an informed decision before buying. Be sure to check out our Editors Choice section to find out which brand tops the charts this year.


Cost per activity analysis (Serrapeptase) SPU's


Price per 100,000 Serratio peptidase units (SPU's) has been calculated based on the Manufacturer's listed MSRP.

Some brands have been omitted due to large differences in retail price.


The graph above demonstrates the cost per 100,000 SPU's of Serrapeptase activity


The Arthur Andrew Medical brand of Serrapeptase (Serrétia®), demonstrates the lowest cost in comparison to most popular brands. Serrétia is extremely impressive as it was not only the strongest Serrapeptase, but also the cheapest in terms of cost. Out of all of the major brands that were compared, Serrétia was the only brand that did not use HPMCP (Hypromellose Phthalate) in the manufacturing process. Phthalate is a plastic chemical that is commonly used to enterically coat enzymes and pharmaceuticals. Phthalates are banned in many countries including Mexico, because of their potential side effects.


Serrétia® by Arthur Andrew Medical


Of all the major brands that were compared, Serrétia® is superior in activity and price, and is free of plastic-based enteric coating. This product has also been verified as being non-GMO, kosher, and GMP certified.


Is Serrétia enteric coated?


Typical Serrapeptase manufacturers use Phthalates, essentially plastic, to enteric coat Serrapeptase and protect it from the acid in the stomach. Instead of using plastic-like chemicals, Serrétia uses acid resistant Acid Armor® capsules. These capsules are designed for a controlled release of the capsule's contents. These new capsules offer protection from the acidic pH of the stomach without the use of potentially harmful chemicals such as those found in enteric coatings. Acid Armor capsules are the result of several years of research and cutting-edge capsule design. The capsules are made of dense vegetable cellulose with a more precise micro-threaded locking mechanism, in order to prevent premature leakage of the capsule's contents.


Serrapeptase Price Comparison

The graph provides the cost of Serrapeptase per 100,000 Serrapeptase Units. At retail, the least expensive brand of Serrapeptase is Serrétia, manufactured by Arthur Andrew Medical with the most expensive brand being Solaray.*


*Price comparisons do not account for fluctuations in advertised prices, sales and discounts offered by other vendors. Price Comparisons are made based upon MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).